Dress Up and Fun Run! Thank you Mr. Cadogan’s class for bringing us on our Fun Run. We had a great day!

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Our Amazing Easter Bonnets

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These belong in an art gallery.

Well done girls 🙂

Easter Bonnets

St Patrick’s Day Celtic Drawings

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Click on the link below to see how we did on our challenge …

St Patrick’s Chalk Designs 2011

We hope you think they’re as good as we do!

Anne Frank

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Thursday 3rd March

Today we started reading ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’.  Anne received her diary as a present for her birthday. We learnt many things about Anne in the first few entries.  She feels that she has many friends without any close friend.  She explained how she doesn’t confide in her friends and therefore feels alone. For this reason, she decided to write her diary entries as if she was talking to a close friend …. whom she would call … Kitty.

Take a look at the following links if you are interested to learn more 🙂

AnneFrank_SKildea  – powerpoint

http://www.annefrank.org/en/Subsites/Home/    This  is a fantastic website full of information.

http://www.annefrank.org/en/Subsites/Home/Enter-the-3D-house/#/house/20/   Virtual tour of the house.

Anne Frank  – pictures from the Anne Frank museum

Maths Puzzles

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Have some fun solving these puzzles!

You could get the whole family involved and challenge your parents  🙂


The Eye

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Use the diagram to fill in the gaps.

1. The white part of the eyeball is called the _____.

It has the important job of covering most of the eyeball.

2. Behind the cornea is the ______. It’s the colourful part of the eye.

It has _______ attached to it that change its shape –

this allows the iris to control how much light goes through the pupil.

3. The ______ is the black circle in the center of the iris.

It’s really an opening in the iris & lets _____ enter the eye.

4. The cornea, a transparent dome, sits in front of the coloured eye.

The cornea helps the eye ______.

5. After light enters the pupil, it hits the lens.

The lens sits behind the iris and is clear and colourless.

The lens’ job is to focus light rays on the back of the eyeball – a part called the ________.

The retina sends messages (by the optic nerve) to the brain

so we understand what we are seeing.

OpTiCaL IlluSioNs

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We are studying ‘The Eye’ in science.

How do we see things?

As an introduction to our topic, we looked at the following pictures.

Click to enlarge, & talk to your friend or Mum & Dad  – what do you see?   🙂

Sudoku Challenges

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We have completed sudoku puzzles on the netbooks. 

On average, each puzzle took 7 mins. Challenge yourself to beat 7minutes!

You can select your own level.

Thank You

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Thank you to everyone in my class who helped entertain the young children at the carol singsong today.  You did a super job, I appreciated your help and was very proud of you. 

Mmmmmm ….. Truffles!

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Today we made white and milk chocolate truffles, to give as a Christmas present.

We made boxes for our truffles, put our sweets inside, resting on colourful tissue paper and then tied the delicious parcel with a ribbon. We hope our families enjoy them.

We got to sneak a few for ourselves also –  Look at the chocolate faces! Dear oh dear 🙂  PhotoStory1

Hallelujah Concert 2010

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It was a wonderful concert and a big THANK YOU to all the 6th class girls who were fantastic.


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We went out in the snow today.

 We had an hour to build a snow



It was ‘snow’ much fun!


Click on the link below for our photos.


Snow Structures 




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Dia Daoibh Cailíní,

I hope you are enjoying the snow.  Please bring in your snowman pictures to display next week if you can 🙂

You still have tomorrow to create a masterpiece – there’s ‘snow’ excuse!  

Seó Faisin

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Seó Faisin

Bhí seó faisin againn inniu. Bhí sé go hiontach!


Seo chugainn Grace anois. Nach bhfuil an culaith go hálainn? Tá culaith ildaite agus galánta uirthi. Tá gúna difriúil agus suimiúil a chaitheamh aici. Féach ar na bróga ard dubh a réitíonn go hiontach leis an seodra. Tá an gúna liath agus bándearg agus tá sé go hálainn. Tá muince uirthi freisin. Féach ar an seaicéad dearg! Nach bhfuil sé ar fheabhas? Réitíonn an seaicéad go hiontach leis an mbráisléad. Tá an culaith seo go hiontach. Is féidir leat feisteas Grace a cheannach sa siopa ‘Dun-nes’ ar chostas €59.99 ina iomlán. 

Ciara Cullinane


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We wrote debates in literacy.

Here’s a small selection for you to read.

Can you spot the debate phrases we used?

We ended our debates with a proverb.


Niamh’s TV Debate

Gemma’s Debate

Laoise’s TV Debate

Amy’s Debate

Emily’s TV Debate




Oíche Shamhna – Cluichí & Spóirt!

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Oíche Shamhna – Cluichí  & Spóirt!

Is aoibhinn linn Oíche Shamhna. Rinneamar a lán rudaí sa rang as Gaeilge.

Rinneamar bairín breac.

Thug Miss Kildea an t-oideas dúinn.

Bhí orainn gach rud a chuir le chéile gan cabhair!




























Chuir Miss Kildea airgead istigh an bairín breac.







  D’itheamar iad go léir! 

An Bairín Breac

Má fhaigheann tú an  ….

Fáinne      =  pósfaidh tú go luath!

Ceirt          =  beidh tú bocht!

Pónaire     = beidh tú saibhir!

Cnaipe       = beidh tú i do bhaitsiléir!

Méaracán  = beidh tú i do sheanmhaighdean!

Cluichí  & Spóirt!

D’imríomar cluichí sa halla!  Cá bhfuil mo chairde?

D’imríomar cluichí sa leabharlann!

Bain plaic as an úll


Lámha taobh thiar ar dtús.

Osclaíonn tú do bhéal.

Baineann tú plaic as.

Tá an bua agat!



D’imríomar cluichí sa rang!

Faigh an bonn!


Cromann tú síos.

Ní bheireann tú ar an mbáisin.

Faigheann tú an bonn.

Tá an bua agat!












(Aoife was holding Ciara’s hair back

  – not holding her under!)








Bia álainn!

Rinneamar pizza beaga álainn.

Bhí said go deas.

 Ar mhaith leat é a dheanamh?

1. Nigh do lámha.

2. Chuir cáis, liamhás, sicín, trátaí, anann, piobar nó  oinniún ar phíosa tósta.

3. Ansin scaip cáis ar bharr an tósta.

4. Chuir an píosa tósta istigh an t-oigheann.

5. Fág é ar chúpla nóimead.

6. Thóg amach é agus ith an pizza beaga.


You are what you eat!

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In science we have been learning about the GDA on food packaging.

Guideline Daily Amounts (GDAs) is a nutrition facts label designed to help consumers (shoppers)  make sense of the nutrition information provided on food labels. They translate science into consumer friendly information, providing guidelines on pack that help consumers put the nutrition information they read on a food label into the context of their overall diet.

GDAs are guidelines for healthy adults and children about the approximate amount of calories, fat, saturated fat, carbohydrate, total sugars, protein, fibre, salt and sodium required for a healthy diet.

GDAs are now in widespread use across the food industry and appear both on the front and back of food packaging.

Did  you know ?

The nutrition table on the back of food packaging is in order of the contents highest to lowest. This way, the consumer can see very clearly if there is more salt than sugar etc.

It’s FUN to learn new information but REMEMBER –  A balanced diet is the best  🙂


We sang ‘Dem Bones’ using the correct names!

The phalanges are connected to the metatarsals,

The metatarsals connect to the tarsals,

The tarsals are connected to the tibia,

The tibia’s connected to the patella bone,

The patella’s connected to the femur bone,

The femur bone’s connected to the pelvic bone,

The pelvic bone’s connected to the back’s spine,

The back’s spine’s connected to the scapula,

The scapula’s connected to the neck bone,

The neck bone’s connected to the skull,

Now we know all their names!


CLASS OF 2010 – 2011

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Purple & Gold day!

We were all very proud of the Wexford team.

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