Wexford County Council Recycled Christmas Decoration Awards Ceremony

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Five children from the Mercy School were presented with prizes yesterday 21st December 2016 for their effort in creating a Christmas Decoration out of Recycled Materials.  They were presented with their awards by Paddy Kavanagh Chairperson of Wexford County Council.

It was a lovely evening with carol singing, chocolate for the children and tea and coffee for the parents.  Here are some of the photos of the evening.

A huge thank you to Wexford County Council for pulling out all the stops to ensure everyone enjoyed themselves.


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Raising the Green Flag

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We had a great day last Thurdsay at our sports day raising our 7th Green Flag.































































Receiving the Green Flag

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The Green Flag Committee travelled to Kilkenny on Wednesday 11th of May 2016. At the Awards Ceremony which took place in Hotel Kilkenny the girls were presented with their new Flag. This is the Mercy School’s seventh renewal and the school is one of only two schools in Co Wexford to have progressed to this stage in The Green Schools Programme. The Flag was awarded to the school for their work on Global Citizenship. Pictured below are Bronagh O’Reilly, Emily O’Reilly, Ailbhe Cullinane and Ms English.

As you can see from the pictures it was a great day out!


































Kando Recycled Magic Workshop

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Today we went to a Recycled Magic Workshop presented by Kelvin Moore from Kando Arts. It made us have a greater awareness of recyclable materials and encouraged us to make recycling part of our lifestyle in a fun way through magic. We all had great fun

So remember Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!


















WOW Walk on Wednesday

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Christmas walk to school day

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Christmas walk to school

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Christmas walk to school

Christmas walk to school

Green Flag Ceremony Friday 13th June 2014

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The raising of our Sixth Green Flag will take place on Friday 13th June 2014.  We are delighted that Mrs Sabina Higgins will raise the flag for us.  Parents are invited to attend the ceremony which will take place at the front of the school at 11.15am.  Tea/Coffee will be served in the halla afterwards.  Unfortunately there will be no parking available in the school due to the ceremony.  Looking forward to seeing you on the day.

The Green Flag Committee

Green Flag Awards Ceremony Kilkenny

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IMG_2271 IMG_2272 IMG_2273 IMG_2276 IMG_2277 IMG_2278IMG_2271The Mercy School travelled to Kilkenny on Wednesday to receive their sixth Green Flag for the theme of Bio Diversity. It was a great honour for the school to receive this flag as they are only the second school in the county to have this number of flags.  Well done to Liadh Dwyer, Sinead O Reilly and Ella Trappe for accompanying Ms English on the trip.  A great day was had by all.  The raising of the Green Flag will take place on Friday 13th of June.  Fingers crossed for fine weather!

Here are some photos of the day.

Best School Garden in Wexford.

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For the second year in a row our “Gairdín Glas” has won the Platinum Award in the Wexford in Bloom competition. The judges were so impressed with our range of plants, our “Outdoor Classroom” and our biodiversity areas that they gave us the top award in the competition. Congratulations to our Green Flag Committee and all who have helped to make the garden such a wonderful asset for the school; a special word of thanks to parents Helen Mc Lean and Senan O Reilly for all their work in the garden. This is a photo of members of our Green Flag committee Sinéad O Reilly, Liadh Dwyer, Ms. English and Senan O Reilly receiving the award.

Sunflower Taller Than Mr. Gately

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This year we grew 2 sunflowers in “An Gairdín Glas” and they are now flowering. We took a photograph of 2 sixth class and 2 junior infant pupils beside one of the sunflowers. When Mr. Gately stood beside the sunflower it was even taller than him.


Green Love Poems

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We wrote love poems for the environment. Here are two of them.


The Environment ~ by Shay

The grass is green, please keep it clean.

The trees are tall, don’t make them fall.

The water is clean, let’s keep it this way.

So look after the environment everyday.


The Environment ~ by Rachel

Recycle the rubbish, don’t throw it away.

Turn off the lights, during the day.

Save water whatever you do.

To make the environment a good place for you.

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Green Love Poems

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The boys and girls in the Mercy School have been busy over the past number of

days writing their valentine poems with an environmental theme.  Here are a

sample of some of the winning verses.

Ms Shannons 6th

Roses are red, the sky is blue

Love the planet because it loves you too.

Lush greenlands, forests and lakes,

They all need protection, lets keep them safe

Look outside, see the trees,

Watch the flowers in the breeze,

Things won’t be like this in a year or two,

If polluting the land is all we do!


Mr Kings 6th Class

The grass is green

the ocean is blue

Roses and romance

is what I’ll give you

Trees and leaves

water and fire

my love for you will never expire

We’ll walk on Wednesday

We’ll save energy and recycle

You’ll meet my mum and dad

and my brother Michael

If you’ll stay green with me

save water and trees

my love for you

will stay as strong

as the seas.


Ms Flynns Junior Infants

Roses are red

Water is blue

Push the green button

when you go to the loo!


Ms Griffins First Class

Roses are red

Violets are blue

I say to the Earth

I love you!


Ms Sheridans Second Class

Walk on Wednesday or every day

Keep the rubbish all away

but don’t forget to turn off the lights

save the power even on Valentines Day!


Ms Englishs Second Class

Roses are red,

water is blue

our school is cool and yours could be too.

You can do this, that talk and talk

but let me tell you its better to walk.

I feel pride because I’ve did the park and stride.

I do a lot less talking and a lot more walking.

Now I’m never late

I’m always first at the school gate!

X Box Winner

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Recycle 2000 ran a competition over the past couple of months amongst all the

Primary schools in Wexford.  Children were asked to bring in a bundle of eight

newspapers every Tuesday (Newsday Tuesday)

with their name and school clearly displayed on the front.  We had a fantastic

response every week and all the hard work paid off for three girls in the Mercy

School today.  The top prize of the X Box  went to Ellen Jones in Ms Englishs class. 

Two other prize winners were Esme McKiernan Becker in Ms Hughes

and Ruby Kavanagh in Ms McHugh who each received a €20 voucher for Tesco. 

Well done girls.

Recycled Christmas Decoration Winner

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Well done to Clíona Mc Cormack from Mrs Woodbyrnes class on winning first prize

in Wexford Co Councils recycled christmas decoration.  Clíona won the category

2nd/3rd/4th class and will attend a prize giving ceremony in Wexford Co

Council on Wednesday.  Clíona put a huge effort into the creation of her

“Gingerbread house” and had been busy collecting materials since last summer!

Well done Clíona.

Recycled Christmas Cards

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As part of our Green School we are busy making recycled Christmas cards.  We will not give cards to friends in our class.

Instead we will make one card each from recycled material and teacher will draw cards out of a hat near Christmas.

This helps reduce waste and trees being cut down to make paper and card.

Cards will be on display in the Halla from Monday 17th December.

Results of the Recycled Christmas Decoration

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We had a fantastic response to our recent Recycled Christmas decoration

competition.  The children made their decorations using as much recycled material as possible.  The

results were truly amazing and well done to everyone.  Once again Helen McClean

kindly gave up her time to come in and judge the decorations last Thursday.  There

was great excitment in the school on Friday morning when Mr Gately announced

the winners over the intercom.   The winner of each category goes forward to

Wexford County Councils Recycled Christmas Decoration competition and the

runners up each received a selection box.  The results of each

category are below.  Finally please make sure to inspect the decorations if you are

in visiting your child’s christmas play, they will be on display in the Halla.

Category A – Junior/Senior Infants and First Class

1st Lewis Hession – Ms Hughes

2nd Jacob Krcznski – Ms Flynn

3rd Neil Hession – Ms Doran

Category B – Second/Third/Fourth Classes

1st Clíona McCormack – Ms Woodbyrne

2nd Patrycja Radej – Ms Woodbyrne

3rd Shonagh McCourt – Ms English

4th Victoria Ogaza – Ms Woodbyrne

4th Aoife Washington – Ms English

Category C Fifth and Sixth Class

1st Eve Hession – Ms Shannon

2nd Gia Simmons – Mr King

3rd Isobel Hudson – Ms McKiernan

Category D – Group

1st Emma O Leary, Anoushka Nolan, Karen O Reilly – Ms English

2nd Sally Bruen and Anna Cooney – Ms Shannon

Here is a photo of all the prize winners with the overall winning entries:

Mercy School Wins Garden Award.

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Recently we were delighted and honoured to win the “Platinum” award (first prize) in the schools’ competition of the annual Wexford In Bloom awards. This was a tremendous achievement for such a new garden and it is a testament to all of the hard work from our volunteers and Stephen our caretaker, the wonderful design and planting of Betsy Hickey and James Ginnell and the support of our Parents’ Council, our BOM and the EPA. It is also great news for our Green Schools Committee lead by Ms. English and Ms. Hughes. Come along any time and visit “An Gairdín Glas” and see why we won.


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