Lots of learning and laughter!

Posted on June 21st, 2017 in Latest News,Ms. Griffin by Ms. Griffin

We have been SUPER busy lately. We have had Active Week, The Enniscorthy Athletics Competition, A Football Blitz, A visit from The Women’s Rugby World Cup, A tug of war class, a dance class with Wilma, Gaelic with Jason, Rugby with Corey, Tennis with Ashley, an Athlectics workshop and Mercy’s Got Talent!

Jodie and Kacey took to the stage for Mercy’s Got Talent and did us proud.

Danny, Jodie, Alannah, Evan and Luke went to The Enniscorthy Athletics Competition and Ms. English said that she was very proud of them!

Evan gave the boys a ‘lace – tying lesson’ as some of them need to work really hard on learning how to tie their laces over the Summer!!

We used the new laptops to research projects for Geography and History.

We did shadow pictures and as many activities as we could outside because the weather has been really nice.

Dilara and Ruby K reached the Skipathon final during Active Week and Dilara managed to come 3rd place. She is the 3rd best skipper in the whole school!

Kacey, Róisín and Ruby M were presented with certificates for their outstanding handwriting!

The year isn’t over yet … stay tuned for more photographs!

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