Trocaire Poetry Competition 2017.

Posted on May 17th, 2017 in zz ~ Ms. McLoughlin by Martha Mcloughlin

Some of the girls from Ms Mc loughlin’s 6th class entered Trocaire’s annual poetry competition run in associated with Poetry Ireland.

The theme of this years competition was ‘Before the Storm’, exploring how people prepare for extreme weather events caused by climate change. Sinéad O Reilly’s poem ‘Foreboding’ was awarded Second Place, we are very proud of her. She will attend the awards ceremony next week in The National Library in Dublin.

Well done to all the girls who wrote fantastic poems for the competition. Here is Sinéad’s winning poem. Well done Sinéad!!!


The warning comes in,

It’s worse than they thought.

In a hurricane’s path,

All items are caught.

They think back two decades,

To Hurricane Mitch,

Destroying the fields,

And crops that were rich.

It swept through the land,

Its fingers stretched out,

All houses and trees

Were snatched down its mouth.

The hurricane’s hungry,

It wants to be fed,

It ploughs on, relentless,

Fills people with dread.

They try to build shelters,

Make ways to escape,

But some will not leave

For their history’s sake.

They pile up the sandbags,

And build up the walls,

They know that tomorrow

Some houses will fall.

They gather together,

And ponder their fate,

All they can do now

Is sit there and wait.

Sinéad O’Reilly

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